Elevate Your Digital Twins with Conversational AI

At DrTrustSecure, we embrace innovative solutions to simplify our operations. Leveraging generative AI, we've developed a Digital Twins chatbot enriched with Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). Tailored to handle public relations queries, this chatbot draws insights from the last two years of DrTrustSecure's research in our R&D department, showcasing a reference generative AI workflow for Digital Twins.

Generative AI begins with foundational models trained on vast unlabeled datasets, such as Large Language Models (LLMs). These models comprehend prompts and generate human-like responses, enabling businesses to implement Digital Twins for tasks like complex data preparation, real-time ETL processes, semantic operations, and code writing for interoperability development.

To extract true business value from LLMs, customization to fit your Digital Twin use case is essential. In this workflow, we integrate RAG with Llama2, an open-source model from Meta. This fusion of RAG with an existing AI foundational model serves as an advanced starting point, offering a cost-effective solution for generating precise responses tailored to specific use cases.

Key Components of the RAG-based Reference Chatbot Workflow:

Generative AI begins with foundational models trained on vast

To make Conversational Digital Twins work well, it's important to know how Large Language Models (LLMs) learn new information. There are three main ways:

Training: This involves teaching a big neural network over a massive amount of data. For models like GPT-4, it costs a lot of money—hundreds of millions! Unfortunately, it's not something most people or companies can do because it's just too big and expensive.

Fine-tuning: Another way is to tweak a pre-trained model to work with new data. While powerful, it takes a lot of time and money. It's only worth doing if you have a very specific need.

Prompting: This is like giving the model a hint and asking it questions based on that hint. It's not as good as the other methods, but it works well for things like asking questions about documents.

But there's a challenge with prompting—documents are often way bigger than what the model can handle. That's where Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) comes in!

Why Choose RAG?

RAG pipelines help LLMs deal with big documents. They store and find the right parts of a document so that the model can answer questions better. This makes Conversational Digital Twins even smarter. Let's look at the important parts of RAG pipelines and how they make Conversational AI better.

Why Should You Use RAG for Conversational Digital Twins ?




Empowering digital twins with generative AI, our platform constructs native data pipelines for the purpose of cleaning, enriching, and generating vector embeddings that encapsulate the semantics of data.



Revolutionizing contextual search, our system integrates a vector database and term-indexing functionality to deploy versatile search techniques on your private data, ensuring heightened relevance. With added dimensional filtering, the retrieved data becomes the backdrop for generative AI models, enhancing the system's question-answering capabilities



Unlock new dimensions with advanced conversation memory and APIs, allowing applications to seamlessly orchestrate with Large Language Models (LLM) and store comprehensive history and context. This integration extends further with AI-driven text-to-speech and translation capabilities, eliminating the need for stitching together and managing third-party tools and libraries when building a conversational app. Experience a simplified and enriched development process.


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John D. - CEO

DrTrustSecure has truly revolutionized the way we operate in the manufacturing sector. The platform's innovative approach to facilitating meaningful conversations with our digital twins has significantly improved our decision-making process. The ability to glean deep insights and understand the nuances of our operations through these purposeful interactions has given us a competitive edge. Kudos to the DrTrustSecure team for delivering such a game-changing solution that continues to redefine the way we navigate the digital landscape.

Sarah M. - Healthcare Administrator

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