Unlocking Meaningful Conversations with Digital Twins:

Welcome to our cutting-edge platform! Here, we're changing how digital transformation works by combining AI and easy communication between different systems. Our solutions are all about having meaningful conversations with your digital twins, which are like smart copies of real things powered by AI. Instead of just sharing basic data, our approach lets these digital twins talk purposefully, giving you deep insights and interactions that understand the situation. Whether you're in manufacturing, healthcare, or any field using digital twins, our platform makes everything better. Come with us on a journey where talking to digital twins transforms your business. You'll make better decisions, have smoother processes, and experience incredible innovation. Welcome to a future where AI and easy communication make your digital world better than ever!

DrTrustSecure is a pioneering force in the realm of digital twins, offering innovative solutions that bridge the physical and digital worlds. Our commitment lies in transforming industries through cutting-edge technologies, ensuring seamless interoperability, and fortifying security in the age of Industry 5.0. At DrTrustSecure, we believe in creating meaningful conversations with digital twins, unlocking new possibilities for businesses to thrive in an interconnected landscape.

AI-Driven Semantic Interoperability

Why now?

The DrTrustSecure Advisory team identified significant trends while working on analytics services for Microsoft, Orange, Google, and Amazon. They observed that many clients effectively managed structured data but faced challenges with unstructured data, constituting a substantial 90% of businesses' data. Most analytics services in development primarily focused on organized data, with little attention given to unstructured data. Despite the availability of some search tools for unstructured data for end-users and IT teams, developers were somewhat overlooked.

DrTrustSecure recognized the urgent need for improved services dedicated to handling unstructured data. Recently, there has been a notable interest in generative AI, enabling more natural language interactions in applications. The upcoming phase of search experiences is expected to resemble a conversation, and DrTrustSecure is poised to create user-friendly experiences, particularly in the context of digital twins.

What Sets Us Apart:


Speed to production and scale

DrTrustSecure’s conversational search stack for digital twins offers an agile solution for developers, eliminating the need for intricate AI or search expertise. With agnostic models at its core, developers can seamlessly scale applications within the digital twin environment to unlock meaningful conversations


Higher-Quality Answers

Acknowledging the pivotal role of data in shaping meaningful conversations within digital twins, DrTrustSecure emphasizes the customization of data preparation and search pipelines. Our commitment to providing developers with the tools to ground AI models on the highest quality data ensures precise and context-aware outputs.


Fully Cloud-Agnostic:

DrTrustSecure's conversational search stack is fully geared towards enhancing semantic interoperability within the digital twin landscape. Governed by the Apache v2.0 license, our commitment to openness empowers developers to customize pipelines, choose AI models, and avoid any form of lock-in, fostering seamless conversations across diverse digital twin environments.


Semantic Data Integration Hub:

Our Semantic Data Integration Hub is the catalyst for advanced conversational applications within the digital twin landscape. Seamlessly integrating digital twin data, this solution serves as a user-friendly hub for streamlined data ingestion and transformation. Developers can rapidly build and scale engaging conversational experiences, unlocking the true potential of the digital twin ecosystem.

Precision Answer Generator

Elevate responses with precision using our Precision Answer Generator. Fueled by large language models (LLMs) and integrated with semantic data preparation systems, this tool excels in generating accurate and context-aware answers from enterprise data. Ideal for retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) pipelines, it redefines how digital twins communicate with precision.

Digital Twin Conversation Builder

Empower your digital twin ecosystem with our Digital Twin Conversation Builder. Infused with AI-driven semantic understanding, this tool facilitates the design and deployment of conversational experiences. Offering a user-friendly interface, it transforms the way developers create engaging interactions within the digital twin realm, contributing depth and context to every conversation.

Advisory Team


At DrTrustSecure, our advisory team is led by seasoned experts with decades of experience in big data, AI, and cloud technologies. These experts come from renowned organizations like AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft, Orange, Airbus, T-Systems, and top university labs...

Dr. Nizar Msadek

Co-Founder @ TrustSecure

Dr. Ridha Soua

Advisory Member

Nizar, the Co-Founder of DrTrustSecure, brings a wealth of experience in the data field, having made significant contributions throughout his career at renowned companies such as Nokia, Google, Airbus, and as a former Chief Data Officer (CDO) at Orange Business Services. He also served as a Professor in AI at the University of Cologne. Currently serving as a Principal Enterprise Architect at T-Systems, Nizar is actively involved in projects related to the EU Sovereign Data Service and AI Acceleration.

As a former member of the Global AI Community, Nizar holds a Ph.D. in Autonomous Systems from the University of Augsburg. Demonstrating his commitment to continuous learning and expertise, he has earned certifications in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) x2, AWS x12, Azure ML, SAFe, and is recognized as a Machine & Deep Learning Expert... His diverse skill set and extensive background position him as a key leader in driving innovation and success at DrTrustSecure

Ridha Soua, an accomplished Technical Program Manager at Amazon, specializes in AI and Digital Twins' Interoperability. Since 2020, he has led transformative initiatives, optimizing digital twin interoperability, implementing AI-driven predictive maintenance, and enhancing overall system efficiency.

Ridha's expertise extends to cutting-edge AI algorithm development, particularly in the context of digital twins. His prior research contributions at institutions like the University of Waterloo and the University of Luxembourg focused on advancing AI, specifically in the interoperability of digital twins. Ridha holds a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences with honors from Pierre & Marie Curie University in France, showcasing his dedication to driving innovation in AI and digital twin technologies.


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